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We Live on Your Block

Who We Are

For over 50 years Spectrum Sales has been working closely with the Commercial, Industrial, Military and HiRel customers in the Metro New York, New Jersey territory assisting them in designing product solutions for their target markets. We accomplish this by being a value added resource to the program manager, design engineer, and procurement specialist. We start our efforts at the antenna LNA front end and work our way through the RF and IF conversion to the analog data converter and processor, all the way back up to and out the transmit module. Our customers know we add value to their team and welcome our participation throughout their entire system. That is how we measure success.

The Spectrum Sales line card reflects a complete array of the industries finest manufacturers who specialize in engineered product solutions. We offer our customers technical support and product availability from bare die up through integrated modules, all forms of interconnect through test and measurement.

We succeed because solid support helps our customers succeed.
"On Time, Every time, All the Time"
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